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Benefits of Spray Foam 

  • - Has the highest R-value per square inch of any commercially available insulation material. 
  • - The sheer efficiency of spray foam insulation can reduce heating and cooling usage costs and allow for the downsizing of HVAC equipment, resulting in lower bills all year round. 
  • - Never disintegrates, settles, or compacts, making it as effective as the day it was installed. 
  • - Expands to fill any space, giving a perfect fit every time. 
  • - Doesn't support the growth of molds and mildew, and helps prevent rot by reducing moisture condensation within the building's walls and roof. 
  • - Eliminates air infiltration, reducing drafts, increasing comfort, and improving air quality by sealing out soil gasses and air pollutants. 
  • - Safe, non-toxic with no off-gassing, formaldehyde, or ozone depletion. 
  • - Closed-cell spray foam adds to the strength of a structure, making it more resistant to racking events such as hurricanes, high winds, and earthquakes. 
  • - Both open- and closed-cell foams help absorb sound, making for a quieter home.